Return Policy

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity from FOREVER LEGENDS, INC.. After a careful examination of this autographed item by Forever Legends, Inc. ( or an additional authenicator that has examined this item in person), it is our opinion that this autograph(s) are  authentic. This autographed item has been carefully examined to the best of our ability!  Forever Legends Inc. provides a money back guarantee on authenticity to the original buyer. Although each autographed item is guaranteed to be authentic should a qualified forensic examiner question the authenticity of any autograph & you provide us with a written statement from a qualified examiner, we will refund the purchase price upon the return of the autographed item.  The re-examination of these autographs is at the purchasers expense. The examination of these autograph(s) must be an in person examination and not from an internet scan or image.The buyer’s only remedy under this guarantee is the cancellation of the sale and the refund of the purchase price. Under the conditions above your entire purchase price will be refunded immediately even if we disagree with the findings of the re-examination.